Car crash repairs by the experts
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When it comes to providing car crash repairs in Petersfield, our quality of service is second to none.
Although your insurance company may provide you with a list of official ‘approved garages’ to carry out the repair services for your car, you can always take it to a garage that you trust.

Before taking your car to your local garage, you should check with your insurer as they may want to inspect the damage before it is repaired; this is to ensure that they are not over-billed for the repair work as their approved garages often negotiate a deal to fix the damage at a cheaper cost.

Choosing your repairer

Remember it is your vehicle and you can choose who you take it to for repairs. Many insurers have approved repairers. They may say that you have to have your car repaired by one of these, but this is normally for their convenience, not yours. Don’t be influenced by the suggestion of delays and extra costs if you don’t do what they say, you are entitled to consider the benefits of dealing with the repairer of your choice. This may well influence the eventual resale/trade value of your vehicle.
You may also have an obligation under contract hire or lease agreements. Just remember that you are NOT obliged to have your car repaired at an insurance nominated garage.

What you should do straight after an accident

  • Ensure your car is roadworthy and safe to drive before you use it
  • Check that the bodywork is safe to other road users, and to yourself, e.g. can you steer alright
  • Is there anything leaking?
  • Third Party
    If the damage to your car was caused by an identifiable third party you may be able to claim directly from their insurer, but you need to get their agreement before starting any repairs. Remember, it is still your car, and therefore, it is your choice of repairer, even if they are paying. You may be able to claim reasonable expenses from the third party, but you must mitigate your loss to ensure the sums you claim are realistic, e.g. hire a car that is the smallest one practical for your needs, and has approved rates.
    Insurers will often take details by phone instead of a written claim form. You will need details of the time and circumstances leading to the accident, a note of the other party’s name, vehicle details and insurer, and take photographs.
    Insurance Excesses & Betterment
    Your policy excess is the amount that you must pay towards the repair bill, and you will need to pay this on request. You may be able to claim it from a third party if it was their fault. Items that are partially worn may have to be replaced, during the repair (betterment), and you may be asked to make a contribution based on the wear, and you may need to pay this with your excess.
    Estimates and Courtesy Cars
    Only one estimate is required, if the insurance company require anything further they will appoint their engineer. If your policy promises you a courtesy car whilst yours is being repaired it may stipulate this will only happen if you use the insurer’s chosen repairer, however, very often your chosen repairer will offer you one.

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